Ayden Sanchez

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My name is Ayden Sanchez. I am 17 years old. I was 12 years old when I went into the hospital and doctors found a brain tumor in my head.

It was November 6 and they removed the tumor the next day. I do not remember much of it but I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Timothy George was the best doctor I could have asked for and he even braided my hair to have the smallest scar. Afterwards I had to do 9 rounds of radiation and 12 rounds of chemo. 

It was hard on me mentally and physically. But I had my loving family to support me and I also kept my faith close between me and God. Never give up no matter how many time you want to. My mom always told me, "You're going to go in there get hit hard but you will come out a winner." Rocky was our favorite.

Time has healed me very well and I am now a senior in high school. I am planning on going to college for fashion design/marketing and I will continue following my dreams of being a model and traveling the world.

I hope everyone learns, and supports brain cancer more often because its the number one hardest cancer of all cancers. I want people to spread the word. #greymatters

Rachelle Diaz