From Our Families

"As a mother of a teen who was diagnosed with Leukemia I can testify what great challenges we have came across and also of the great people and programs we have come to know. Being part of Beautifully Loved is one of the best experiences ever. My son was able to find confidence once again in himself and feel loved inside and out. We had never seen our Danny-Boy so happy with himself like when he showed off his photos to our family and friends - and during that fashion show I was speechless to see my son so happy and confident. Yes, I cried but this time it was tears of joy! Thank you Beautifully Loved for being a shining star through the darkest nights."


"Your activities truly uplifts our daughter and makes her forget her battle against Leukemia. THANKS and please continue your awesome work!"

— Isabella & Rob

“Being diagnosed from a young age with a blood disorder has millions of negative side effects. You know the fatigue, frequent hospital visits and the big 'ole looming threat of death, but shining through that storm was the CCBC Fashion Show orchestrated by Beautifully Loved. That was the one upside, meeting friends who are going through the exact same things as you and getting dressed up to strut your stuff. Joining this Fashion show group as a model about 3 years ago was exciting, nerve wrecking but most of all highly anticipating. When I was first told about this I was only partially interested, however, the more I understood the cause, purpose, and goals of Beautifully Loved, the more enthralled I became.

 It hasn't been easy getting to the place I currently find myself in, to this day. I've seen growth, determination and I've found how to overcome all of the difficulties that accompany life. I learned how to do that with this beautiful group. These people have taught me more than any book, teacher or lecture. There's beauty in life and hope in our worst moments.”


“Beautifully loved has been a milestone in the last past years of my daughter’s  life. She has learned to display her beauty to people’s eyes but also understand her biggest treasure: her internal beauty. Thank you for the amazing job you do!!”

— Brenda Bazaldua

“Beautifully loved gives children their smiles back. Our kids endure so much pain and trauma that it makes them sad to look to the future, but Beautifully Loved brings smiles and joy into their lives. They are excited for Spa Day, Beautifully Loved totes bags that come with gifts and treats or this AMAZING Fashion Show where they are modeling high end clothing lines and walking "the runway" for a day. My heart skips a beat seeing the brave boys and girls come out to "strike a pose" The Founder and Co Founder of the Foundation have an amazing heart and can light the room up with their smiles, I know they are on here for a reason.... I make sure to say extra prayers for all the hard workers of the foundation.

Because of them, my Daughter looks in her mirror and knows she is BEAUTIFULLY. LOVED.”

— Samantha S.

“So I may not be a ‘kid’ anymore but BL continues to support me and be my family. As a child I always had something wrong with me. I was always at the doctors or missing school for one medical reason or another. After 3 broken bones and 7 surgeries before middle school you start to feel different. Since I never had anything serious I didn’t have a support system other than my family. So after I was asked to be an ambassador for BL I was so happy. I had finally found people who understand what I went through and what I’m still going through. I will forever be grateful for the people I’ve met through BL and all that they’ve done for me.”

— Maggie d.

“The photoshoot alone is a fabulous day for my daughter.  Getting her hair and makeup done and then posing for photos just makes her light up.  On the day of the fashion show, she really shines. She’s normally a shy young lady, but on that day she comes out of her shell and has such a great time.  Beautifully Loved is an amazing organization!”

— Kelly C.

“You guys are awesome. Tyler had a good time and a wonderful experience and the family had a great time! We enjoyed and took advantage of the entire experience.”


“Beautifully Loved is sooo amazing!! My daughter did the fashion show last year and she was in heaven!!! From the professional makeup and hair to the photo shoot, fun clothes and walking the runway, she loved every minute! It really does help her feel beautiful and loved! Can’t say enough good things about this organization! I will forever be grateful for them and for how they help make my daughter feel! “

— Jaylie’s Mom

“Aysa I wanted to take the time to thank both of you for such a fun filled and beautiful day! Not only was it a great memory for Princess, I had a great time too. I feeling somewhat burned out before yesterday, I never pamper myself. The fashion Show reminds me that it feels nice to do so. Princess left feeling like a “million bucks!” Jonathan said it was the most fun! And, Mercelis enjoyed the downtown vibe. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. It means a lot!”


— Bridget and Aiden