Love Tribe Designs is a Beautifully Loved Program

This program features designs from our creative and talented friends at Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center! We're committed to giving back, raising awareness and promoting messages of love, hope and strength. Designs created by our tribe are placed on t-shirts and other products that can be purchased through a donation. You donate to Beautifully Loved, we give you a specially designed product by one of our Love Tribe designers!

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What does our tribe look like?

Our tribe has amazing, inspiring patients from age 2 to 22! It has mothers and fathers who bravely walk through the difficult journey with their child. It has loving siblings who are constantly by their families side. Our tribe is full of love, laughter, care, empowerment, support and so much more provided by such a generous community! We love our families and strive to remind them all that they are seen, valued and so, so BEAUTIFULLY LOVED!

Always keep an eye out for new designs and artists! We are super excited to share the love and talents of these brave, inspiring kids. Thank you for the support in our mission. We are so grateful! ❤ #lovetribedesigns


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