Julie Moser

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My name is Julie Moser and I am an Army Wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I am a breast cancer survivor, co founder of Pink Warrior Angels and an advocate for helping those through their breast cancer journey. As a military family, we endure so many changes and have learned to be flexible with multiple deployments, and moving every three years. We were never ready for the day I was told the dreaded words, “You have cancer”.

Oct 3rd 2013 is a day that changed so much for me and for my family. After 2 years of a combination of chemotherapy, double mastectomy, total hysterectomy and multiple complications I found myself alone and scared. I turned to social media to find others that were in the same journey I was. There was so many young breast cancer survivors that felt alone and we formed a bond that is indescribable. I met Jen Reynolds through a hair growth hashtag. We felt that there had to be a better way to support survivors through their journey and never feel alone.

I love that we empower women to be their own advocate during treatment, be resilient, be beautiful, and to be brave and shine.

I have met so many women who appreciate the smallest things as their life has changed through our program. I have been able to work on local projects that bring awareness and support that people do not realize one needs through care packages, the angel/warrior program, lawn care, house cleaning services, assistance with bills that continue to pile up because they may have to stop working or cut back work hours. Giving back is key to help those who are in the shadows that do not know how to ask for help.

As women, we take on so much and help others that we forget to sometimes to ask for help for ourselves. Be your own advocate in getting tests done. It is your body and you are the only one that knows something is not right. Go to another doctor for another opinion of you feel something is still not right. I am grateful cancer has happened to me as my life has completely changed for the better and that I am able to share with my daughters the importance for always helping when needed, sharing love and that it is ok to ask for help. I just hit my 5 year cancerversary and looking forward to more to come.

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