Our mission is to love and care for families dealing with pediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses through experiences that promote wellness, beauty, and fashion.


Our vision is for all young patients battling chronic illnesses and their families to feel valued, empowered and so Beautifully Loved!

Why Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness?

Illnesses, and the treatments that go along with them, can make it challenging for families to find the time to take care of themselves.

By providing experiences that promote wellness, beauty and fashion for these special patients and their families fighting through hardship, we want to remind them that they are seen, valued and overwhelmingly loved.

We want them to know that, while they don’t have the resources or energy to think of themselves, we will be thinking of them and helping them find ways to relax and restore. We hope to bring joy and lasting memories to children, their parents and siblings needing a moment away from their struggles, and we want to be part of the love they need during the difficult times.

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Our annual Children's Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) Fashion Show has taken the stage for this segment, and we're blown away by the positive impact it has had on the young teens and their families involved. We can't wait to continue to provide the runway for them to shine in the spotlight, and incorporate fashion in other, smaller ways throughout the year. Check out our featured Fashion Partners for more details!


This goes for guys and gals, and moms and dads, too! We hope to give that extra boost of confidence with things like haircuts and mini makeovers, because the each member of the family deserves to feel as beautiful as they are.


When it comes down to it, we just want to see a smile. If the activities we've planned bring a moment of happiness and a stepping stone for greater self-esteem, then we're happy, too.