T-Shirts Available Now!

Let's take a moment to talk about our creative tribe of teen patients! Aiden, Bridget, Cami and Maggie sketched designs inspired by Beautifully Loved's mission for our first collection of Love Tribe Designs. We partnered with Old School Nation to bring those designs to life with on-site screen printing at our 4th Annual Dell Children's CBCC Fashion Show.

The t-shirts debuted on the runway and were available for guests to purchase their own custom version. We're overjoyed to say they were so successful, you asked for a way to buy them outside of the show!

Here it is! Click the button below and place your custom t-shirt order by the April 15 deadline.

Your support creates opportunities for more teens to shine and build their confidence. You also spread the message of the girls' love, hope and strength when you wear your shirt!

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Photos - @sophiekohnphotos

Mayra Tellez