Behind the Scenes ● Photoshoot with Abilitee Adaptive Wear


With the most adorable group of models and the newest adaptive clothing to play with, the photo shoot was such a fun time! We love working with Abilitee Adaptive Wear because of their focus on creating fashionable apparel for people with disabilities and medical needs. All of their pieces are designed for a specific purpose: having medical gear out-of-sight while keeping it easy-to-access.

Their newest items include baseball tees that detach at the at shoulder using snaps, so someone can easily change out their ports and run the tube through one of the snap's spaces, all without completely taking off their shirt. Check out the sneak peek of the tees below and head here to find other adaptive products from Abilitee (there are a lot!). 

Keep an eye out for a post featuring the official photos from this shoot - they're gorgeous!!

Mayra Tellez